– a Settings Management solution for Windows.

Setman consists of two parts.

Who needs it?

The intended audience is system administrators who need a tool for implementing settings on multiple workstations in a documented, automated and robust fashion.

Systems administrators can:

To my knowledge no other solution exists. Microsoft's Group Policy and Local Security Policy are all fine and well, but they were designed for enforcing settings – not managing them in general. And they're a bit of a hazzle to customize and extend. And without an Active Directory installation in place, they're not really an option.

Suppose you just want to give users a nicely preconfigured desktop. Or maybe you'd like to move your setting to a new pc. And you want to define these settings once and for all - but still be able to find out exactly how you did it and be able to change them.

Update Nov-12 2003:

The project is now in alpha and a release can be downloaded here.

The documentation is available here and is included in the release.

A brief description of the design is here.

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